Male, 18, Russia.

i am sooo mediocrity c:
kill me pls

in a few days i’m moving to another city
sooo, maybe i can “lost” for two week or month or longer :3 
or maybe not

weak-and-powerless - you are a very nyasha :3 

new posepack soon
and apartments
and maybe something more

grimes is love

i like this word “also” :DD


jepensedoncjesims said: fantastic, as always :). love.

=^-^= love u too ♥

lucifermetternich said: Очень красиво *О*)/

спасип)))0 *О*

clover-sims said: Omg, that’s perfect! I love your edit~~

Thaaaaanks! >з< Love ya!

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spasibo) :3 

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Spasiiiip <3

“you can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play without skipping. then claim 10 victims. (tag 10 people.)”

tagged by weak-and-powerless (kisa so much, btw)

I won’t shuffle, sooooo…

iamamiwhoamitap your glass
Patrick WolfTime Of My Life (Hurts Remix)
Neon HitchYard Sale
Kate BoySelf Control
Kyla La GrangeThe Knife
SiaBig Girls Cry
Uh Huh HerDreamer
VacuumLet The Mountain Come To Me
Slowpoke replies

dorktasticsoul said: Ugh he’s so handsome!

Thanks!  ^3^

mystic-sim said: Красивый он все таки :)

Спасииибо *О* Оч приятно)

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Handsome *3* he looks very good with that shirt~~!!

Thanks! *-* I’m in love with this shirt! It;’s sooo amazing :з

neverendersim said: c’mon! I love him in ts4 too o_0

Aww, thank you :3 I think, if i ever interested in ts4, i’ll convert all cc i use with him from ts3 to ts4, and than he will be looks more like from ts3)