Male, 18, Russia.
  Anonymous said:
You should totally do a story with your "NEED YOU SO MUCH" pics

Wow! Thanks, Anon!
Maybe my friend Helen do it :)

If anybody is intrested, we can share to somebody our new posepack for test shots. Next week, i think :) 


YASSSSSSSS! Can’t wait :)

Aaaaaaaauch! So glad to hear this, its remains a bit :3 

simsinmadness said: your editing is amazing ^^

Thank yooooou! *-* 

  azurexangel said:
Your editing is gorgeous <3! Don't ever stop posting your photos :)!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww!! Thank You so much! *o*

weak-and-powerless said: You did it with the help of power of God =* My congratulations!

Actually it was your support :3  Luv ya

I’ve won my game and installing all cc that i need.
Maybe soon i’ll share a apartments, or maybe not, lol :3

I’m finally finished the customize my new PC, so…
Next 1-2 days i’m lost for this world in DmC c: